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Interested in contributing via SOFI to the Architecture EG? Contact Francesco Torelli, francesco.torelli AT


[edit] FIArch Reports

[edit] Future Internet Architecture Design Principles

A part general comments, SOFI mainly contributed to the section 5 of the FIArch Design Principles report. Two of the "seeds" included in the document are based on contributions of SOFI: "5.1.1 Resources Awareness" and " 5.1.2 Dependability Logic".

[edit] Internet Limitations and Design Objectives

See below for details about the contribution of SOFI to this report.

[edit] Contribution of SOFI to FIArch events

[edit] Open Workshop on the Future Internet Architecture Design Principles (1 March 2012)

This report describes the goals of the workshop and the comments collected at the workshop.

This presentation explains the questionnaire distributed at the workshop and discussed during the open session. The questions were coonceived to understand the FI internet vision of the participants and their opinion on the Design Principles specified by the FIArch WG. The results of the questionnaire are collected here

These slides and other contributions on the "Dependability Logic" seed have been included in the presentation of Ionna Papafili at the workshop.

[edit] Future Internet Architecture Design Principles Call (July 2011)

Internet Design Principles Call, deadline 23 September 2011

[edit] Architecture Group Session at FIA Ghent, 16 December 2010

Session description

Deadline: 9 December 2010: Contributions to the FI Architecture session at FIA Ghent of 2-3 slides highlighting fundamental limitations of the current Internet.

[edit] Contributions of SOFI to FIArch reports

[edit] Future Internet Architecture Design Principles

Mainly two changes has been applied to our contribution in the final FIArch report:

The seed "service awareness" has been generalized to "resource awareness". The choice of " “resource” instead of “service” is to emphasize that the same concept may be applied also to resource not offered as a service. The content has been summarized, removing details that was more the description of architectural choices than part of the principle.

The seed named "Self-aware Dependability" has been renamed "Dependability Logic". In this case, a part a change in the name, the contribution is basically unchanged.


[edit] Internet Limitations and Design Objectives

Input presentations to the FIA Ghent session, December 2010:

Input presentation to the Open Workshop, 26 October 2010

Input presentation to the Group Meeting, 30 September 2010

[edit] Current SOFI Experts participating to FIArch WG

  • Andrew Edmonds, Intel, Ireland.
  • Massimo Villari, University of Messina.
  • Dimosthenis Kyriazis, National Technical University of Athens.
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