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[edit] Orientation

This page is about the FIA Madrid Future Internet Services Offer, one of seven cross domain session to take place in Madrid.

[edit] Documents

[edit] Roadmap and Milestones

Dec 2008

  • Panel discussions during FIA Madrid to list requirements for Future Internet Service Offer (FISO)
  • Panel coordinators to write report about their panel discussion

Jan 2009

April 2009

  • Taking stock of contributions received to prepare the Prague meeting.

[edit] Agenda for the session

9 December

16.30Introduction Stefano de Panfilis and John Domingue
16.45Panel 1: 30 Minutes: Internet of Services and Internet of Things: adapting to user, task and location in a seamless fashion.
17.15Future Internet Service Offer Use Cases for FIRE
17.30Panel 2: 30 Minutes: User generated services and user generated content: Similarities and Differences
18.00Panel 3: 30 minutes: Beyond Amazon: Using and offering services in a cloud.
18.30End of first part.

10 December

9.00Introduction and recap of yesterday
9.15Panel 4: 45 Minutes: Global service delivery platform for the future internet: What is it and how to use it for innovation?
10.00 – 10.30A vision for Future Internet Service Offer: Stefano de Panfilis and John Domingue
10.30Roadmap until Prague Stefano de Panfilis and John Domingue
11.00 End

[edit] Use Case Scenarios for FIRE Facilites

At the FIA Madrid we will discuss the running of experiments on the FIRE Facilities. The FIRE consortium have fixed a deadline of

November 21st

to submit scenarios using the template description below.

Use Case Scenario Template in Word

Use Case Scenario Template in PDF

Two example descriptions are also below:

Example Use Case on Concurrent Testing in PDF

Example Use Case on Certification Process in PDF

[edit] Presentations

[edit] Templates

[edit] Software as a Service in the Future Internet (session 572)

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